Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Everyday brown smoky eye

my holy grail products

MUA Pro Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit - £3.50

MUA- Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter -£3

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer- £3.99

Okay so these products are amazing. I am a student which means i am always skint, i really wish i could afford expensive makeup, but i cant. These few drugstore products are basically identical to some high end products which makes it even better!

MUA Brow Kit dupe for Benefit Brow Zings-
I am literally obsessed with eyebrows, i think i may have eyebrow OCD. So i wouldnt say any brow product was good if it wasnt. This is sooooo good! Its basically exactly the same as the benefit brow zings except you get 2 shades, a highlighter shade, some mini tweezers and wax for £3.50. Ive tried numerous brow kits and theyre all basically the same but made by different people which makes the price higher. Why pay £24.50 for something you can get for £3.50 just for a brand name? Ive had about 3 of these so far and i will carry on buying them, they are really difficult to find as theyre always sold out, but you can order from Superdrug online or even the MUA website.

MUA Shimmer Highlighter dupe for Mac Soft and Gentle-
Okay so i know you probably seen the title and thought 'dupe for mac's soft and gentle, no way theres nothing as good' and your right, there is nothing as good. BUT this is so similar for a fraction of the price, it has the same texture as soft and the same gorgeous shimmer but this is a more pink toned. It also isnt as noticable. If you are after a pretty suttle highlighter, and you dont want to spend £20+ on one then this is for you. Ive had 2 so far i love it that much, the packaging is pretty naff but you cant expect much for £3. You'll be suprised to know it works well on my really pale skin, and just gives me a slight shimmer when the light hits my face.

Collection 2000 Lasting Wear Concealer-
My friend gave me this concealer a couple of months ago as it was too light for her and i instantly fell in love. It has a creamy thick texture, which creates a full coverage with the tiniest bit of product. Normally when i buy drugstore concealers then just work like a foundation and they dont actually hide my blemishes, but this is a god sent. Ive never really wore Collection make up as i hadnt heard any good reviews but after searching reviews about this product i seen how much people love it! Its so hard to find the lightest shade because its always sold out but i finally found it in boots today and i am now on my second tube!

L'oreal true match foundation review

L'Oreal True Match Foundation- Superdrug- £9.99 

So recently I have tried L'oreal true match foundation. I've been searching for the perfect foundation for so long now and im still yet to find one. I had really high hopes for this foundation as a few of my friends use it and alot of bloggers seem to love it.
I do agree that it is a lovely foundation, the texture is really light and the colour selection is fab as you can get choose a yellow or pink undertone similar to mac.
At first i loved the way it applied to the face, it wasn't cakey at all and although light it was a really good coverage. I do feel like i needed quite a few pumps to create an even coverage and to hide blemishes well, which could be a problem as it will run out fast if using it on a regular basis. But apart from that i really liked how the foundation blended and looked.
The main problem i had with this foundation is after it had settled into my skin, you could see that it had stuck to my dry patches and become cakey. This was after i completely exfoliated my face, moisturized and primed. Finding a foundation for my dry skin is a nightmare, and i was so let down to find this made my dry skin look worse than it was. I have tried it a couple of times using different techniques, such as switching between a brush and a sponge, but as soon as the foundation sets, the dry patches look terrible.
Even though the foundation didnt work for me because of my skin type i think it would be perfect for normal- oily skin, and would give a lovely full coverage if needed. Too bad my skin is super dry at the moment!

Can be built to full coverage
Good colour range- Even for really pale skin! 
Nice packaging
Can be purchased from most drugstores

Sticks to dry patches
Needs a few pumps to create even coverage
It is £9.99 which is one of the more expensive drug store foundations.

LOVE magazine

So today i picked up LOVE magazine, i've had my eye on this for a while but im a bit of a cheapy when it comes to magazines and normally choose one whats a £1 and rubbish! LOVE mag was £6 which is steep for me, but i needed a magazine for the plane to Venice and for college makeup inspiration, so i thought id finally purchase it. The front cover instantly attracted me with the bright colour and edgyness to it, and also of course Miley Cyrus' beautiful face. The magazine is super thick, thicker than Vogue and full of amazing fashion photography and a few interviews with various different designers, artists and photographers.
Overall i love LOVE! I dont really know much about the magazine as i have only seen it a few times but im definitely going to purchase the next copy, and sit again and envy all the beautiful models and clothing. 

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Assessment 1- Titania, A Midsummers Nights Dream


So today i did my first make up and hair assessment in college. We have written assessment and three makeups to do for our first module, the three makeups had to reflect all of the techniques we had been learning the past 6 months. The characters had to be based on a Shakespeare ballet, a Charles Dickens play, and a West End Show. Firstly I have started with the Shakespeare ballet, which I chose the character 'Titania, Queen of the Fairies' from A Midsummer Nights Dream. I'm really happy with the outcome, and I'm hoping I've done as well as i did in my written work. 
ALSO just to add the palette i bought from eBay  for just £6 came in handy for this makeup as the pigments are so bright, I think i may do a blog most next about this palette as i am extremely impressed with it!